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Brander Smith McKnight is an established law firm proudly servicing business, the community and individuals in the city of Sydney. We are unique, combining a high degree of legal expertise and experience with the service delivery and responsiveness of a small law firm. Our lawyers are industry experts who have many years of experience acting on complex and high value transactions for many large corporations and world renowned clients and brands. We provide excellence in business, commercial and construction law. With our dedicated team of highly experienced lawyers, you can be certain that your matter will be dealt with quickly, personally and with the premium service and expertise of a large city firm-all without the price tag.We are conveniently located in Martin Place within walking distance to the Supreme Court, District Court, Local Court Family Court and NCAT.

Why Clients choose BSM

Brander Smith McKnight is a highly regarded Sydney law firm with a team of professional and highly experienced lawyers.

  • We have a clear and proven process and provide a precise written description of each stage and all costs.
  • We pride ourselves on communication. We listen to you and keep you informed.  We guarantee to return your calls and emails within 1 working day. We keep you informed every step of the way.
  • We are renowned for providing personalised and premium legal advice tailored to your situation.  We listen to you, develop an effective strategy and professionally represent you.
  • We vigorously advocate for you to achieve outstanding results.

Costs Involved

We provide a 20 minute free consultation which includes an assessment of your legal matter, provides various strategies and options and a cost estimate. Prior to any work being undertaken clients receive a written cost agreement, we provide weekly  invoices with full transparency and are always available to discuss costs.

Call us to arrange a free 20 minute no obligation consultation that includes case evaluation and cost estimate.

Legal Services Provided by BSM in Sydney

We have special expertise in Business, Civil Litigation and Construction Law.

We offer individuals and businesses of all sizes professional legal services and advice, outstanding court advocacy, integrity and personalised services.

Our legal advice and services are provided to support our clients’ strategies, objectives, values and provide our clients with a clear strategy and course of action.

Our team provides the type of cost-effective and responsive service expected from a boutique firm while working with some of the world’s leading companies and brands. We have the capacity and dedication to prioritise your matter and get the work done more responsively and faster than larger firms.

We provide a personalised legal service including contract drafting and advice, dispute resolution and litigation, property transactions and compliance issues. For example, we have negotiated and drafted contracts with a value of over $100 million and on projects with a value of over a $1 billion, such contracts include international procurement and supply, intellectual property development, sponsorship and endorsement contracts, construction contracts, transport contracts and the development of solar power generation (construction in exchange for long term electricity supply).

We have many years of experience providing legal advice in areas of law including, competition law, chemical and cosmetic importation, director’s duties, construction law, contract advice and legislative compliance such as Work Health and Safety Legislation, the Privacy Act and the Modern Slavery Act.

Our lawyers can assist you with

  1. Pre-Contract Negotiations and Business Contract Drafting
  2. Contract Review and Enforcement
  3. Director’s Duties and Disputes
  4. Shareholder Agreements and Disputes
  5. Building Dispute Resolution
  6. Alternate Dispute Resolution and Litigation
  7. Commercial and Retail Leases
  8. Bankruptcy and Insolvency
  9. Debt Recovery

Call us to arrange a free 20 minute no obligation consultation that includes case evaluation and cost estimate.

We have a team of building and construction lawyers renowned as industry experts.

We handle residential, commercial and industrial construction projects, drafting and negotiating construction contracts, providing legal advice and acting in building disputes. We are proud to resolve over 85% of our construction disputes without costly litigation.

We have worked on major construction projects such as rail constructions and civil works for Laing O’Rourke and the Surat Basin Rail. Other major projects include runway extensions for Sydney Airport, terminal redevelopment for Sydney Ports Corporation and port development for Port Kembla Ports.

Our team also regularly advises major developers and construction companies on legislation including the Home Building Act, Building Practitioners and Design Act, Building and Construction Industry Security of Payments Act (SOPA) and Contractors Debts Act.

Our lawyers can assist you with

  1. Pre-Contract Negotiations
  2. Construction Contract Drafting and Review
  3. Construction Claims
  4. Finance Contract Drafting and Review
  5. Construction Disputes
  6. Home Building Disputes
  7. Alternate Dispute Resolution and Litigation
  8. Debt Recovery

Dispute Resolution Law

The lawyers at Brander Smith McKnight resolve at least 85% of commercial and construction disputes without the need for costly litigation. We recognise that there are many different ways of resolving disputes and we work hard to find practical, creative and commercially advantageous solutions. Our lawyers carefully listen to you and utilise alternative dispute resolution strategies best suited to your particular situation. In most cases, our highly experienced lawyers are able to settle your dispute through negotiation with the other side. If the matter proceeds to litigation, our lawyers have the experience to advocate for you in court to save you the additional expense of a barrister. The dispute resolution strategies we use include mediation, conciliation, arbitration, adjudication expert determination and litigation.

Debt Recovery Law

85% of debts recovered without the need for costly court litigation. We are proud to say that we recover over 75% of debts with a simple letter of demand from our firm without the need to go to court or for mediation. If court proceedings are required we have extensive experience and run all debt recovery matters without the additional expense of a barrister. Once judgement is obtained, the lawyers at Brander Smith McKnight fully understand the legal mechanisms of enforcement, such as writs, garnishee orders, bankruptcies and insolvency.

Business Law

With a combined experience of more than 50 years and world-renowned clients, our business lawyers are leaders in their field. Our team provides expert legal advice to all different types of businesses, from start-ups and small businesses to large international corporations. We are proud to have developed enduring, committed relationships with our clients based on trust, professionalism, and exceptional commercial results.

BSM offers a variety of responsive, client-centred, and fairly priced services to businesses. We can assist you with:

Business Startup

BSM’s business and commercial lawyers can help you navigate the often challenging process of starting a business. We provide tailored legal advice and support about contracts, employees, business structures and legal requirements. We have the skills to mitigate business risks and maximise your business’ commercial success.

Pre-Contract Negotiations and Business Contract Drafting

Our expert lawyers can draft and negotiate your business contracts to safeguard your commercial interests. Our team will negotiate the details of your business agreement to protect you from unfair clauses that, if overlooked, could cause severe financial losses. We will draft thorough and legally effective business contracts to manage business risks, avert potential disputes and preserve your commercial interests.

Business Contract Review and Enforcement

Our team can review, amend, and enforce business contracts. To avoid future legal problems, we will evaluate contracts before you sign and are bound to their terms identifying problematic clauses and ensuring you understand the terms and the legal rights and obligations. We will also assist you in enforcing the terms of your business contract should they be breached by utilising different legal options, including damages and injunctions. Your rights will be upheld by our dedicated lawyers.

Director’s Duties and Disputes

The skilled business lawyers at BSM can provide advice on the legal and fiduciary duties imposed on directors by legislation and common law as a result of relationships of trust and confidence. Directors who break the law expose themselves to serious legal consequences, including fines, disqualification and even gaol. The severity of these fines emphasises how important it is to get legal advice on directors’ duties. We can also help you understand how the solvency of a company impacts a director’s rights and obligations.

Shareholder Agreements and Disputes

BSM can advise you on your rights as a shareholder, including how to enforce and protect them. Our team can also offer guidance. if a director feels their duties have been breached or if they disagree with a business decision. Through comprehensive and efficient shareholder agreements and company constitutions, the risk of shareholder disputes is mitigated.

Commercial and Retail Leases

We have extensive expertise in preparing, negotiating, and finalising leases for residential, retail and commercial leases. Our team will make certain that your transaction is completed affordably and safely. We have vast experience representing lessors and lessees when structuring leases and resolving lease disputes.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency

We can help you navigate the challenging legal processes involved with bankruptcy and insolvency. Our firm can provide advice on options for fundraising, business restructuring, receivership, and liquidation. If your business is suffering financial problems, we can also offer expert legal advice to creditors to help safeguard your interests and financial position.

Criminal Law

Our criminal lawyers get better results for you. Our team of experienced criminal lawyers appear in all Sydney courts including the Local Court, District Court, Children’s Court, Criminal Court of Appeal, Coroner’s Court and the Bail Court. Our criminal defence team will advocate for you, representing you in court without the added expense of a barrister. However, for serious criminal matters we have a panel of expert barristers who we can engage.

Wills and Estate Law

Fixed fee, compare our prices. We always take the time to listen carefully and thoroughly to your needs, we then advise on the most appropriate documents and structure for you.  We meticulously draft your documents and then provide you with the opportunity to review these prior to finalisation. We create water tight documents written to minimise future risks and ensure that your wishes are followed. BSM Lawyers also provide professional legal advice and advocacy for executors and claimants in any estate including distribution and contested estates. Our lawyers will provide advice on estate planning, family trust and asset protection, power of attorney and enduring guardianship.

Frequently Asked Questions

chevronWhat legal services do you offer at BSM Lawyers?

We have special expertise in both Business and Commercial Law.  We have extensive experience in dispute resolution, debt recovery and civil and commercial litigation. We are industry leaders in Building and Construction Law. We also work in Wills and Estates and Criminal Law.

chevronHow do BSM Lawyers handle alternative dispute resolution in Sydney?

Our Sydney lawyers specialise in alternative dispute resolution. We believe in resolving disputes in the most cost effective way possible and retaining control of the dispute resolution process.  This involves developing a strategy that usually results in avoiding litigation and reaching settlement through negotiation, mediation and arbitration. With a focus on understanding the specific circumstances of each case, we tailor our approach to ensure that we understand the needs both parties and our client’s essential conditions and secondary conditions of any settlement. This method often leads to quicker and less expensive solutions compared to traditional legal proceedings.

chevronCan BSM Lawyers assist with business and commercial law in Australia?

Yes, our team of experienced lawyers in Sydney offers expert advice in business and commercial law across Australia. From setting up a new business to navigating complex rules and regulations, we provide comprehensive support to help our clients conduct their business smoothly. We also assist with contract drafting, business structures, directors’ duties, shareholder issues and shareholder agreements, intellectual property protection, and ensuring legal compliance with legislation and advising clients on legal issues in a manner that meets the client’s business and commercial needs.

chevronHow do BSM Lawyers enforce legal decisions?

BSM Lawyers’ commitment to enforcement goes beyond winning cases. We work closely with our clients to ensure that legal decisions are implemented effectively. This includes enforcement of judgment debts through legal procedures such as examination orders, garnishee orders against banks and employers, writs for levy of property including real estate, bankruptcy and insolvency. Whether it’s debt recovery or enforcing any court order, our lawyers in Sydney have the skills and expertise to act swiftly and diligently. We understand the importance of decisive action in such matters and are dedicated to achieving the desired outcomes.

chevronHow can BSM Lawyers help me if I need to make a claim against another party?

If you need to make a claim against another person or business, the BSM Lawyers Sydney team is here to guide you through the process. We’ll assess your claim’s viability, help you understand the applicable court processes, rules and conduct required, and represent you in court if necessary. This may involve drafting court documents to commence legal proceedings such as a Statement of Claim, Summons or other initiating process. Our team will ensure that your legal case is properly planned and managed.  Our team’s thorough knowledge and experience ensure you receive personalised advice and support tailored to your specific circumstances.

chevronHow does BSM Law handle disputes in the building and construction industry?

Our lawyers take great pride in their ability to resolve most disputes without the need for costly litigation. We work hard to find practical and commercially advantageous solutions, advising and acting for you across all forms of dispute resolution, including mediation conference, expert determination, adjudication and arbitration. If a dispute proceeds to litigation are lawyers are highly experienced in legal representation at all levels including at NCAT and in the Local, District and Supreme Courts.

chevronWhat measures do BSM Lawyers take to decide on the best course of action in criminal law cases?

Our Sydney-based criminal law experts prioritise your interests and rights. We conduct thorough investigations, identify key evidence, and work closely with you to determine the best defence and course of action. Whether it’s a minor crime or a more serious offence, we provide informed advice and robust representation to protect your legal position. Our commitment to transparency and integrity sets us apart as one of the leading law firms in Sydney.

chevronWhy is BSM Lawyers one of the respected law firms in Sydney?

We have over 50 combined years of legal experience and over 5,000 satisfied clients. We have a dedicated team of lawyers who each excel in their respective area of law and have experience dealing with complex legal matters. We pride ourselves on our responsive, ethical and diligent approach to all matters, irrespective of the size, to achieve the best possible outcome for all of our clients. We provide large Sydney firm experience and quality of legal services at a fraction of the price.

We provide a premium, professional and personalised legal service without the cost premium of a city law firm.

Call us to arrange a free 20 minute no obligation consultation that includes case evaluation and cost estimate.

Our clients include thousands of individuals, small and large business and some of the worlds best known companies and brands.







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