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Brander Smith McKnight is a Parramatta law firm with over 50 years of combined experience in advocating and providing legal assistance to business, the community and individuals.  We provide you with excellence in a full range of legal services including business law, commercial law, civil litigation, dispute resolution, family law, criminal law and wills and estates.  We are a well respected Parramatta law firm and will provide you with expert legal advice, outstanding court advocacy and personalised services to deal with any legal matter.  We are conveniently located within walking distance to the legal precinct and Parramatta Railway Station.


Our Clients and Our Law Firm

Brander Smith McKnight is a well respected, premium Parramatta law firm, our team of professional and ethical lawyers provide personalised legal advice and strategies to address your legal requirements.  Our business and commercial clients include some of the worlds best known companies and brands who continue to choose our legal services.  BSM Lawyers takes great pride in and values the long term relationships we have developed with these clients.  Brander Smith McKnight is Parramatta’s law firm of choice.  Our lawyers focus on and work hard to achieve great results that meet or exceed our clients goals.  We vigorously advocate for you and achieve outstanding results.  We work closely with our clients, keeping you well informed and enabling you to contact us as and when required.  Our lawyers are experienced and outstanding court advocates and can also advise on options to avoid costly court litigation.


Call us to arrange a free 20 minute no obligation consultation that includes case evaluation and cost estimate.


Costs Involved

We provide a 20 minute free consultation which includes an assessment of your legal matter including options and a cost estimate.  Prior to any work being undertaken, clients receive a written cost agreement, we provide weekly invoices with no surprises and full transparency.  We are always available to discuss costs.  We are a Parramatta law firm that provides premium legal services without the cost premium of a big Sydney law firm and we continue to achieve outstanding results.


Legal Services provided by BSM in Parramatta

  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law
  • Business and Commercial Law
  • Building and Construction Law
  • Wills and Estates
  • Property Law and Conveyancing
  • Traffic Law
  • Debt Recovery


Call us to arrange a free 20 minute no obligation consultation that includes case evaluation and cost estimate.


Criminal Law

Our lawyers get better results for you.  Our team of experienced criminal lawyers appear in court every day of the week.  They regularly appear in all courts including the Local Court, District Court, Children’s Court, Criminal Court of Appeal, Coroner’s Court and the Bail Court.  Our criminal defence lawyers have represented and advocated tor clients in all criminal cases from serious matters such as sexual offences and drug importation to less serious matters such as drink or drug driving, drug possession and assault.  Our criminal defence team is extremely experienced and able to run most court matters without the added expense of a barrister.  However, for serious criminal matters we have a panel of barristers who we can engage.  You can rest assured that we will fight tirelessly in your corner and that your rights will be vigorously defended.

  • Assault
  • Drug-Related Crime
  • Fraud
  • Sexual Offences
  • Harassment
  • Cybercrime
  • Manslaughter and Murder
  • Theft
  • AVO

Family Law

95% of our cases settle without going to court.  We understand that when a relationship ends it is a very stressful situation and you will face many difficult decisions.  You can be confident that we will guide you through the challenging process, advocate for you and ensure that no-one takes advantage of you.  You can rest assured that we are here for you.  The end of a marriage or relationship may involve children, property and domestic violence.  We have the expertise to guide you, advise you and advocate for you in relation to all of these aspects of what can be a very difficult time.  Our lawyers are also proficient in drafting court consent orders, binding financial agreements and pre-nuptials.

  • Divorce and Separation
  • Family and Children’s Court
  • Property Settlement
  • Family Dispute and Mediation
  • AVO and Domestic Violence
  • Family Court
  • Same-Sex Couples
  • De Facto Relationship
  • Parenting and Custody
  • Binding Financial Agreements and Pre-Nuptials
  • Court Consent Orders

Business and Commercial Law

Industry experts with world renown clients.  Our team of experienced business and commercial lawyers provide professional legal advice to all businesses ranging from start ups and small business all the way up through to large corporations, including some of the world’s leading companies and brands.  Our clients have remained loyal to the firm and we are proud to have developed long term relationships based on trust, professionalism and results.  We provide the full range of services to business in a very cost effective manner and at a considerable saving to firms with similar experience.

  • Business Startup Law
  • Business Sales and Purchase Law
  • Business Contract Law
  • Commercial Litigation Law
  • Employment Law
  • Commercial and Retail Lease Law
  • Financial Services Law
  • Shareholder Dispute Law
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Director’s Duties
  • Director’s Disputes

Building and Construction Law

Renowned as industry experts.  Our building and construction lawyers are industry experts with years of experience handling residential, commercial and industrial, construction legal advice and building disputes.  Our clients include builders, home owners, property developers, contractors, engineers and body corporates.  We have extensive experience in every stage of the building process including pre-contract negotiations, drafting and review of construction contracts, negotiations and review of finance contracts, legal advice regarding construction claims and debt recovery and dispute resolution including adjudications and litigation in courts and tribunals.

  • Pre-Contract Negotiations
  • Construction Contract Drafts and Reviews
  • Finance Contract Negotiations and Reviews
  • Construction Claims
  • Debt Recovery
  • Building and Construction Legal Advice
  • Dispute Resolution (Adjudications and Litigation)
  • Home Building Disputes
  • Contract Negotiations and Reviews
  • Environment, Planning and Council

Wills and Estate Law

Fixed fee, compare our prices.  We always take the time to listen carefully and thoroughly to your needs, we then advise on the. most appropriate documents and structure for you.  Our lawyers meticulously draft your documents and then provide you with the opportunity to review these prior to finalisation.  We pride ourselves on creating water tight documents to minimise future risks in an extremely cost effective manner with a fixed fee.  Compare our prices.  Brander Smith McKnight lawyers also provide professional legal advice and advocacy for executors and claimants in any estate including distribution and contested estates.

  • Power of Attorney
  • Deceased Estates
  • Probate Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Will Disputes
  • Family Trust and Asset Protection
  • Enduring Guardianship
  • Drafting of Wills
  • Letters of Administration

Property Law and Conveyancing

Fixed fee for conveyancing with all work performed by lawyers not conveyancers.  As a result of this we can handle the rare occasion where a dispute may arise.  You can rest assured that we will keep you informed during each stage of what can be a stressful process.  We can also advise on easements for construction and forced sales of jointly owned property.

  • Conveyancing
  • Commercial and Real Estate Leases
  • Property Disputes
  • Strata
  • Easements

Traffic Law

We understand how important a successful result is.  A traffic matter can be a criminal offence and result in the loss of a licence or a criminal record.  Brander Smith McKnight lawyers understand that this can have a devastating effect on you, your family and your employment.  For this reason we treat each traffic case, no matter how small with the utmost care and thoroughness.  We will work relentlessly to get you the best possible results.

  • Drink or Drug Driving
  • Speeding Offences
  • Dangerous Driving
  • Licence Appeal
  • Negligent Driving
  • Mobile Phone Use
  • Appeal against Loss of Licence

Debt Recovery Law

75% of debts recovered without the need for court.  We are proud to say that we recover over 75% of debts with a simple letter of demand from our firm, without the need to go to court or for mediation.  Would you like us to collect the money that is owed to you?  If court proceedings are required, we have extensive experience and run all debt recovery matters without the need for the additional expense of a barrister.  Once judgement is obtained, we understand the legal mechanisms of enforcement such as writs, garnishee orders, bankruptcies and insolvency.

  • Letters of Demand
  • Writs
  • Garnishee Orders
  • Bankruptcy
  • Insolvency


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chevronWhat legal services do you offer at BSM Lawyers?

BSM Lawyers is one of the top-rated law firms in Parramatta and we’re able to provide expertise in legal services including: Criminal Law, Traffic Law, Building and Construction Law, Family Law, Business and Commercial Law, Wills and Estates, Debt Recovery and Property and Conveyancing.

chevronDoes BSM Lawyers have Chinese-speaking lawyers?

Yes, BSM has a native Mandarin speaking lawyer who has an Australian Law degree and is very familiar with and has experience in the Australian legal system.

chevronWhy is BSM Lawyers one of the top-rated law firms in Parramatta?

We have a clear and proven process.  We provide a precise written description of all stages and all costs.

We pride ourselves on communication.  We listen to you and keep you informed.  We guarantee to return your calls and emails within 1 working day.

We are renowned for providing premium, professional legal advice.  We vigorously advocate for you and achieve outstanding results.

BSM Law firm has offices in Sydney, Wollongong, Parramatta, and Sutherland.

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BSM Lawyers Legal Team in Parramatta NSW

Parramatta’s law firm of choice.

We will be open, honest, transparent, and always available for you.

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  • William Onishi, solicitor, looked after my family law matter. He was knowledgeable, clear in his advice, polite and personable. He was also punctual. I would not hesitate recommending William to family and friends.Google Logo- Joanne Caldwell

  • William was very professional to deal with. He is very efficient and on time in all appointments. He really assisted in my matter and did everything he could for the best outcome. I wouldnt hesitate to use william in the future again. professional lawyer and easy to communicate with.Google Logo- Renee Browne

  • William Onishi was handling my case I found him professional and quick to respond if I had any concerns. I would highly recommend William. After my husbands passing , William handled the Will, Probate, disputes. He showed compassion when needed. I was very pleased with his service. Thankyou very much William. I now know where to come for future legal advise and will let my family and friends know to.Google Logo- LINDSAY mcmorrow

  • To date William Onishi, solicitor, has been successful on all of our building and construction debt recoveries in the Local Court. We are satisfied with his legal services and we continue to come back using his legal services. William has always been upfront with their fees and charges which are reasonable and we are always kept informed as to the progress of our claims. We are highly recommending William to assist you with the collections of any outstanding debts.Google Logo- Decade Waterproofing and Products Pty Ltd

  • Mark Smith has been very highly professional and very thorough in his review. He understood our business needs very quickly and provided solid and informative advice. He is knowledgeable, provides clear advice and explains both sides for better understanding. Highly satisfied with our experience. I would recommend to anyone needing a contract/commercial lawyer.Google Logo- Maureen Lim

Our clients include thousands of individuals, small and large business and some of the worlds best known companies and brands.







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