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Neighbour disputes over trees and hedges

Trees and hedges are a common cause of disputes between neighbours.  Neighbours can unfortunately sometimes use trees as a means of antagonising ...more

Property Disputes Between Landlords and Tenants

Property disputes commonly arise between landlords and tenants in the residential, commercial, and retail properties. Different types of leases ...more

Off the Plan Property Disputes

An ‘off-the-plan’ property involves the purchase of a property that is planned to be built, but not yet built.  Disputes commonly arise in ...more

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Home Building and Construction Disputes

Disputes in relation to residential building and construction work are unfortunately common. They can include disputes involving building defects or ...more

Neighbourhood Property Disputes

Nuisance Nuisance in relation to neighbourhood disputes refers to when there is an interference with the use and enjoyment of land.  For example, a ...more