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BSM’s Success in Franchise Dispute

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Property Disputes Between Landlords and Tenants

Property disputes commonly arise between landlords and tenants in the residential, commercial, and retail properties. Different types of leases ...more

Construction work without a Written Contract and Quantum Meruit

The Landmark case of Pavey and Matthews v Paul The case of Pavey and Matthews Pty Ltd v Paul 1987 High Court of Australia sets out the circumstances ...more

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Recoverable Contract Damages from a breach, the rule of Remoteness

In a contract, damages flowing from a breach must not be remote.  This principle has been defined in the well known case of Hadley v Baxendale. The ...more

Statutory Warranties and Defects

What is a Statutory Warranty? Section 18B of the Home Building Act 1989 (NSW) contains various warranties that are implied in all contracts for the ...more