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BSM success in recent Hague Convention case

Australia has obligations under the International Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (commonly referred to as The Hague ...more

Can I refuse a Police Interview?

In general terms, yes. You have the right to silence and do not have to speak or provide the police with a written statement.  Many people have seen ...more

Domestic Violence and ADVO

What is Domestic Violence? Violence or a violent act is a serious criminal offence in Australia.  If violence leads to serious bodily harm or life ...more

Child Abuse Material Offences

Being charged with an offence relating to child abuse material is a serious matter with severe penalties. Brander Smith McKnight’s expert criminal ...more

Child Sex Offences

Being charged with a child sexual offence is extremely serious and these offences have particularly heavy penalties. Brander Smith McKnight’s highly...more

Sexual Touching Offences

Being charged with a sexual touching offence is very serious and the penalties associated with this offence reflect this.  Brander Smith McKnight ...more

Sexual Act Offences

Being charged with a sexual act offence is a serious matter and can result in significant penalties.  In NSW, there are a variety of circumstances ...more

What are drug offences?

In NSW there are several legally prohibited drugs and a range of offences which relate to these prohibited drugs. Prohibited drug offences typically ...more

What are weapons and firearm offences?

There are a variety of serious criminal offences that are associated with the possession of illegal firearms and weapons. There are also special ...more

What is an affray?

An affray is a public order offence which involves either the use or threat of violence by a person or group of people against another person. The ...more

Bail Applications and Bail Conditions

Bail Application A bail application is a request to a court that an accused or convicted person be released from custody pending the determination of ...more

What is a criminal appeal?

In simple terms, an appeal is an application made to have a legal decision reconsidered by a higher court than the court that made the original ...more

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What are weapons and firearm offences?

There are a variety of serious criminal offences that are associated with the possession of illegal firearms and weapons. There are also special ...more

Property Damage or Destruction

Damaging or destroying property, commonly known as ‘malicious damage’, is set out as an offence under section 195(1) of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW)....more

What is a Sentencing Assessment Report?

A Sentencing Assessment Report (SAR) is a report which aids the court in deciding on an appropriate sentencing order when finding alternatives to a ...more

What is a break and enter offence?

A break and enter offence is an offence which encompasses circumstances where access to a premises has been procured by breaching the security of the ...more

What is an assault?

An assault is a type of criminal offence which typically involves a threat of infliction of violence on a person or the actual infliction of violence ...more

What are Fraud Offences?

How do we define “fraud”? Fraud, as set out in section 192E of the Crimes Act 1900, is acting deceptively or dishonestly to obtain some form of ...more

What is a sexual touching offence?

A sexual touching offence is a very serious offence that involves circumstances where a person sexually touches another person without their consent. ...more

What are Domestic Violence Offences?

Domestic relationships in NSW include both married and de facto relationships. In addition, there are number of other relationships that can be ...more

What are Larceny and Robbery Offences?

Larceny Larceny, commonly referred to as theft or stealing, is the taking of another person’s property without their consent. It requires the ...more

Defences to Criminal Charges

Being charged with an offence does not guarantee a guilty conviction. Investigative errors or a skewed version of events may potentially lead to a ...more

What is a criminal offence?

What is a criminal offence? A criminal offence is a crime or offence that is considered as a crime against the state or government. They are ...more