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Unfair Treatment of Shareholders addressed by Winding up Order

The Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) is important in governing and regulating corporate conduct. Section 461 provides a mechanism for addressing situations...more

Debt Recovery through Public Examination of Directors

When companies face financial turmoil and debts accumulate, it is not uncommon for directors to find themselves at the centre of attention. This ...more

Navigating Business Contracts: What you need to Know.

Contracts are a fundamental part of conducting business. They are legally binding agreements that govern and regulate the terms and conditions of a ...more

When is an agreement legally binding?

It is important to recognise that whether an agreement is legally binding may not be as straight forward as you might imagine and has been the cause ...more

Recoverable Contract Damages from a breach, the rule of Remoteness

In a contract, damages flowing from a breach must not be remote.  This principle has been defined in the well known case of Hadley v Baxendale. The ...more

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What is the difference between Contracts, Deeds and Agreements

An agreement is a colloquial term that can be documented in the form of a contract or deed.  Deeds and contracts differ in several ways discussed in ...more

Franchising Agreements

What is Franchising Franchising is the creation and distribution of a brand and franchise system which allows an individual (franchisee) to do ...more

Restraint of Trade Clauses

What is a Restraint of Trade Clause? Employment contracts may include restraint of trade clauses.  These clauses can prevent or restrict employees ...more

Due Diligence in Business Transactions

Due Diligence when Purchasing a Business The purchase of a business is a significant endeavour and purchasers should conduct due diligence before ...more