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Statutory Warranties : What are your rights?

This brief article discusses the significance of statutory warranties.  We summarise two widely applied statutory warranties in Australia, being the ...more

New Obligations in Design and Building Practitioners Act

Statutory Duty of Care introduced in Design and Building Practitioners Act The Design and Building Practitioners Act s37 2020 (NSW) recently ...more

Challenging Judgement Debts, the role of Ramsay

The High Court’s Decision in Ramsay: Challenging Judgement Debts Overview In 2017 the High Court of Australia initiated a shift in Australian ...more

Recoverable Contract Damages from a breach, the rule of Remoteness

In a contract, damages flowing from a breach must not be remote.  This principle has been defined in the well known case of Hadley v Baxendale. The ...more

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What is the difference between Contracts, Deeds and Agreements

An agreement is a colloquial term that can be documented in the form of a contract or deed.  Deeds and contracts differ in several ways discussed in ...more

Franchising Agreements

What is Franchising Franchising is the creation and distribution of a brand and franchise system which allows an individual (franchisee) to do ...more

ASIC Investigations

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is the Federal body responsible for the regulation of Australia’s companies and ...more