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Best Parramatta Lawyers for Premium Legal Services

BSM Parramatta lawyers help their clients with all kinds of legal matters. From property law to criminal defence, the best lawyers advocate on your behalf and work tirelessly to achieve a positive outcome.

Here, we’re sharing our thoughts on what it means to be the best Parramatta lawyers in Sydney. We’ll explain what lawyers do, the legal services they provide, how much lawyers cost and more. So, let’s get started.

What do lawyers do?

Lawyers deal with all kinds of legal matters that extend far beyond the courtroom. The four main types of law that Parramatta lawyers deal with are:

  • Tort law
  • Contract law
  • Property law
  • Criminal law

Tort law essentially deals with legal wrongs committed by one entity against another. Different from criminal offences, tort law handles things like financial losses or emotional distress caused by another party. In other words, if you sue someone, that’s tort law.

Contract law refers to the legal promises made by one or more entities. So that when you sign a contract, you’re legally bound to fulfil your end of the bargain.

Property law deals with property ownership and all the laws that govern such ownership. And this includes not only real estate property but also intellectual property as well.

Criminal law deals with the legal implications of criminal offences which are defined as behaviours that are harmful, threatening or endangering to the health, property, safety or moral welfare of another party.

Parramatta lawyers generally deal with all four types of law and provide both legal services and advice in regards to these types of law. More specifically, lawyers:

  • Advise clients about their rights and responsibilities regarding the law
  • Represent clients in both civil and criminal court cases
  • Perform business transactions for legal services such as document creation or contract negotiations

So, now that you have a bit more of an understanding of what lawyers do, let’s explore how to find the best lawyers for you.

How to Find Your Ideal Parramatta Lawyers

It’s not always easy to find the best lawyers for your particular circumstances. Especially in the Sydney area, there are many options for law firms that you could hire and work with.

And while there’s no such thing as an easy answer, there are a few things you can do to find your ideal team of Parramatta lawyers.

  1. Seek recommendations and read reviews.
  2. Make sure the law firm you choose has the legal services you need.
  3. Check their pricing.
  4. Understand the unique options they offer (ie. Chinese-speaking lawyers).
  5. Book a consultation and ask specific questions.

Above all else, you should be able to wholeheartedly trust your lawyer and ensure that they’re looking out for your best interest. It’ll prove to be important that you get along with your lawyers and have enough trust in them to know that they’ll always advocate on your behalf.

Legal Services Offered by Parramatta Lawyers

Now, let’s explore the most common types of legal services you’re likely to find at law firms in Parramatta. They include:

  • Family Law
  • Traffic Law
  • Building and Construction Law
  • Wills and Estate Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Debt Recovery Law
  • Conveyancing Law
  • Business and Commercial Law

It’s so important to make sure that the Parramatta lawyers you hire have experience in the type of legal services you require. So, to give your more details on what each of these legal services involve, let’s go over them separately.

Family Law

Family law involves legal matters that deal with family relationships. Most people only think of divorce when they think about family law, but in reality, family law includes everything from domestic violence to adoption to sibling disputes, same sex couples and more.

As you can imagine, whether you’ve dealt with family law before or not, these situations are always complicated, sensitive and emotionally charged.

So, when choosing Parramatta lawyers to help you deal with family law matters, you’ll want those who can do so with care and empathy.

To give you some specifics, BSM Lawyers has a team of Parramatta lawyers with experience working on family law cases such as:

  • Divorce and Separation
  • Children’s Court
  • Property Settlement
  • Family Dispute and Mediation
  • AVO and Domestic Violence
  • Family Court
  • Same-Sex Couples
  • De Facto Relationship

In other words, our law firm can handle your unique family dispute with not only the legal expertise required, but with the sensitivity to reduce tension and ensure a beneficial outcome for our clients.

So, whether you need to simply register a relationship legally or you’re dealing with a more stressful situation like a divorce or adoption, make sure the Parramatta lawyers you choose have the know-how and the emotional intelligence to do so.

Traffic Law

If you have driver’s licence and you hit the open road with any regularity, chances are you’ve had to deal with a traffic law offence. Sometimes, it’s just unavoidable.

Whether you’re caught accidentally speeding or you forgot to pay your parking metre, there are countless ways to get in trouble with traffic law.

However, there are some other traffic offences that you might find yourself dealing with that aren’t as harmless.

In fact, some traffic offences like drunk driving can quickly become criminal in nature. Not to mention, even simple traffic fines can become criminal offences if not dealt with effectively.

So, it’s important to find Parramatta lawyers who can not only handle your traffic offence in a legal way, but ones that can ensure you’re not getting into any additional trouble with the law.

At BSM Lawyers, our traffic law team has experience handling:

  • Drunk or Drugged Driving
  • Speeding Offences
  • Dangerous Driving

So, while it’s always important to drive safely and abide by all traffic laws, hire the best Parramatta lawyers you can find to help if (and when) you find yourself in the midst of a traffic offence.

Building and Construction Law

The process of building a home or constructing an entirely new property requires many more legal matters than you might expect. In other words, it’s more than just tradies and property developers who work on bringing a new build to life.

Parramatta lawyers are involved in many types of building and construction law. After all, your new build must meet many strict council requirements and there are countless contracts involved from beginning to end.

To give you a few examples of all the legalities that go into building and construction, here at BSM Lawyers, we have experience and expertise in building and construction law including:

  • Pre-Contract Negotiations
  • Construction Contract Drafts and Reviews
  • Finance Contract Negotiations and Reviews
  • Construction Claims
  • Debt Recovery
  • Building and Construction Legal Advice
  • Dispute Resolution (Adjudications and Litigation)

So, for homeowners, property developers, real estate agents, body corporates, contractors and others, having a solid team of Parramatta lawyers on your side is essential for handling all the legal aspects of your new build.

In the end, you wouldn’t want to see all your hard work go to waste when your competition finds a loophole in a contract or the land title wasn’t properly transferred, would you?

Wills and Estate Law

Many people don’t think about their will, estate or trust until they have to. Often, this ends up being a little too late to get all your ducks in a row.

It’s why most Parramatta lawyers would urge Australians to organise their will and estate as early as they can, especially if they’re in charge of a large sum of money, have a family business or own other valuable assets.

It’s also unfortunately common for spouses, siblings and others to dispute wills and estates after the person in question has passed on. So, you’ll want Parramatta lawyers with experience dealing with wills, estates and trusts in that kind of situation as well.

At BSM Lawyers, we have an entire law team working with wills and estate matters such as:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Deceased Estates
  • Probate Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Will Disputes
  • Family Trust and Asset Protection

So, whether you’re ready to protect your assets in a legal will, you’re looking to sell a deceased family members’ property or you’re otherwise involved in a will or estate dispute, you’ll be grateful to work with top Parramatta lawyers who have expertise in this field.

Criminal Law

Whether they like it or not, most people think of Parramatta lawyers in term sof criminal law and yelling “objection” in a courtroom during a dramatic murder case. Setting TV and movies aside, however, criminal law is nothing to mess with.

Yes, it often errs on the dramatic side and the work that criminal lawyers do is undoubtedly complex, sensitive and emotional, the best Parramatta lawyers to take on these kinds of cases are those who are knowledgeable, tough and will always advocate for their clients.

At BSM Lawyers, in particular, we deal with criminal law on a daily basis, assisting our clients as they work through legal matters such as:

  • Assault
  • Drug-Related Crime
  • Fraud
  • Sexual Offence
  • Harassment
  • Cybercrime
  • Manslaughter and Murder

Plus, our Parramatta lawyers, more often than not, forego the need for our clients to work with a highly specialised (and often more expensive) barrister on their criminal cases.

All in all, the truth is we never know when we might find ourselves in a compromising position with the law. Parramatta lawyers, in these cases, can certainly help and are likely the only ones who can.

Debt Recovery Law

Lenders, landlords and business owners often lend money or offer services with the promise of payment. However, these debts aren’t always paid on time and sometimes, debtors won’t do anything to pay back the money owed to you at all.

Debt recovery law is all about Parramatta lawyers helping their clients retrieve money that is rightfully theirs.

So, if your tenants haven’t paid rent, your debtor is avoiding your phone calls or you haven’t been paid for services rendered as outlined in a terms of service contract, make sure you get in touch with expert Parramatta lawyers who have debt recovery experience.

At BSM Lawyers we can help you with debt recovery legal services such as:

  • Letters of Demand
  • Writs
  • Garnishee Orders
  • Bankruptcy
  • Insolvency

Not to mention, our Parramatta lawyers proudly retreive 75% of missing debts without the need to go to court by simply sending a Letter of Demand on our letterhead, putting the power of the law behind your claim.

In other words, if you’re sick of hounding your tenants or you don’t know where to turn to get your unpaid wages, then you’ll definitely want the help of Parramatta lawyers to deal with your debt recovery.

Conveyancing Law

You may have never heard the word conveyancing used in everyday life. But, if you’ve ever been involved in buying or selling property, then you’ve already partaken in the act of conveyancing.

Conveyancing is a legal term for the transfer of a title, mortgage or lien of a property.

Of course, as you can imagine, it’s a fair bit more complicated that what’s outlined in that simple definition. But Parramatta lawyers with conveyancing experience can help make the property transfer process smooth and ensure it’s legally sound.

For example, at BSM Lawyers, we offer property law services including:

    • Conveyancing
  • Commercial and Real Estate Leases
  • Property Disputes

Plus, our Parramatta lawyers have the expertise and experience to, oftentimes, forego the need for a separate conveyancer. That means our clients are given the opportunity to save even more time and money.

As anyone who’s dealt with the transfer of a property knows, it can be a stressful and lengthy process.

So, when choosing Parramatta lawyers to help you with conveyancing, make sure your choice is experienced in property transfers while also being level-headed. These traits will certainly come in handy during potentially heated negotiations.

Business and Commercial Law

For business owners of all kinds, whether you’re a freelancer who works on your own, you’re leading a tech startup in your garage or you’re in charge of managing a large corporation, you’ll need the help of Parramatta lawyers from time to time in your business endeavours.

Business and commercial lawyers help you not only set up businesses in a way that’s legally sound with robust contracts and solid legal structures in place, they also can aid when disputes arise and help you in negotiations for transfers or trades.

In short, there are many legal matters to take care of when running a business. So, you’ll want to make sure that your Parramatta lawyers have not only done this before, but can help you create and build a strong business inside and out.

At BSM Lawyers, our business and commercial law team help our clients with services including:

  • Business Startup Law
  • Business Sales and Purchase Law
  • Business Contract Law
  • Commercial Litigation Law
  • Employment Law
  • Commercial and Retail Lease Law
  • Financial Services Law
  • Shareholder Dispute Law

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